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Teacher Mindfulness

Modeling behaviors and ethics is an important piece of being a teacher. I have learned that modeling good behavior is not enough, though; instead it is just the beginning. Sarid (2012) describes the difference between character education and moral character development. Character education is the basic teaching of morals and understanding those behaviors.

Teachers show student how to be caring, honest, fair, responsible, and self-caring (Sarid, 2012). Moral character development is deeper than just understanding. It is also building those character traits. It is learning to think and feel the moral behaviors (Sarid, 2012). At its deepest level of understanding, not only do people learn to understand their own morals, but also become more aware of moral issues on a universal level, thus finding the commonalities in all cultures (Rachels, 1999; Sarid, 2012). This self-awareness is completed through openness, self-reflection, and critical self-examination.

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