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Teamwork...A Reflection

"Make it safe," stated Patterson (2002). Parker Palmer (2004) further clarified by stating we should create a safe place for the soul. And all agree that trust is the foundation of all teams and collaborations. The concept of creating a safe place for the soul has driven my work ever since I read the concept. I have worked hard to create a safe place of training, learning, experimenting, and reflection.

Learning to remain both focused and flexible is equally important. Maintaining focus reminds us that collaborative groups bring people from different departments, studies, and perspectives, thus creating the need of communicating the common goals.

Working together to create a common goal or vision can create conflict among a team. Conflicts, if not allowed to spiral out of control, can lead to constructive communication, problem-solving, and creativity. To promote this type of conversation, it is important to focus on what the person wants - the interest, rather than the personal aspect of the conflict. Again - create a safe space for the soul, honor differences, and seek the middle ground to work toward a common goal.

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